Dealing with the demands of everyday life can be a struggle. You may face mental health concerns that keep you from living a productive, healthy life. We can help.

Chestnut Family Health Center offers psychiatric care. Through medication and counseling, we can help you manage conditions that affect your behavior and well-being. Our caring staff can help you work through behavioral, social, family, school, and work difficulties. We can help you overcome concerns including addiction, and get the process started.

If you are a patient of Chestnut Family Health Center and would like help with any of the conditions above, talk with your doctor or another provider. Not already a patient? Make Chestnut Family Health Center your medical home by:

  • Calling us at 309.557.1400 (Bloomington) or 618.512.1919 (Granite City) to schedule a visit.
  • Notifying your insurance carrier of your change in primary care provider.
  • Completing paperwork to have your medical records forwarded to Chestnut Family Health Center.
  • Using Chestnut Family Health Center instead of an emergency room, prompt care, or another provider for all non-emergency medical services (preventive care, wellness visits, acute illnesses, disease management).
  • Scheduling and completing at least one preventive care visit per year.