Chestnut Health Systems provides several types of housing for persons living with substance use disorder and/or serious mental illness. Our aim is to provide safe, suitable, affordable housing and to help individuals gain skills so that they can stay in permanent housing and achieve greater self-determination. 

Residents of housing owned or managed by Chestnut benefit from skills training, medication management, counseling, substance use disorder treatment, social programming, recreation, case management, and community support. We link residents to community resources and transportation, advocate for clients’ rights, help with resumes and job searches, and provide financial assistance for buying furniture and supplies. 

Housing types include crisis residential, group homes, supervised, and supported.

Clinical Support

  • Counseling (group, individual and family)
  • Assistance with psychiatrist appointment
  • Community support services to increase independent living skills including money management

Case Management 

  • Linkage and referral to community resources including transportation when available
  • Advocacy for client's rights
  • Job searches and assistance with resumes
  • Apartment inspections by Chestnut maintenance staff
  • Financial assistance with purchasing of furniture and supplies for apartments

Community Support Services

  • Representative payeeship
  • Learning and performing activities of daily living (e.g. hygiene, grocery shopping, laundry)
  • Assistance trying to locate housing and/or shelter
  • Identification of personal recovery/resiliency plan (WRAP)
  • Support and advocacy
  • Assistance linking to financial resources in the community (e.g. for medication payment)
  • Assistance linking to primary care physician
  • Assistance with public entitlements (e.g. SSA, Medicaid)
  • Medication education and monitoring
  • Skill-building in a natural setting (70% of services are done in a client's home/community)
  • Crisis intervention and assistance getting into hospital/temporary shelter
  • Education on psychiatric diagnosis and treatment options
  • Discussion of stigma
  • Family interventions/support/education
  • Community-based therapy

For more information, please call us at 888.924.3786  

Programs in Madison and St. Clair Illinois Counties

Families in Safe Recovery

Families in Safe Recovery is a HUD-funded permanent, supportive housing program for homeless women or men with co-occurring disorders and their children. Resident goals are to achieve residential stability to increase skills and/or income and to obtain greater self-determination.

Services provided include:

  • Safe, stable, permanent housing
  • Group-based and individual substance abuse education and counseling
  • Psychiatric and mental health treatment
  • Family counseling
  • Parenting classes
  • Assistance with vocational/educational services
  • Motivational enhancement
  • Intensive case management
  • Life skills education

For more information, please call us at 618.877.4420