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Tips from a Therapist’s Office Video Series

Being a teenager has many emotions, stresses, and difficulties. Not only have we all had our normal stresses lately, but we have also all had our day-to-day activities abruptly taken away. This can be traumatic for all of us. You may be slowly getting back to some pre-COVID activities, but the situations of the past fourteen months will likely have a long-lasting emotional toll on most of us. Chaz Franke, Licensed Social Worker, and Therapist, has discussed how you can be aware of your mental health and why self-care is important in seven short “Tips from a Therapist’s Office” videos. Each video will cover a specific topic that can improve your mental health.

View the playlist on Chestnut's YouTube page here or watch below.

The One Year with No Time

Do you feel like this past year has been a blur? Is it hard to remember what you were doing in August vs. what you were doing in October? 

In this video, Chaz Franke talks about ways to regain your relationship with time.

The One with a New Word

Pandemic + Anxiety = Panxiety

Chaz Franke discusses anxiety related to the pandemic. Do not avoid your feelings. How you are feeling is important.

The One That Takes Up Space

Are you able to express what you need, want, and how you are feeling? In this video, Chaz Franke talks about the need to take up space and how to find a safe way to do so.


The One to Check In

In your day-to-day activities how often are you doing what you enjoy and how often are you just getting through? Chaz Franke discusses a way to check in with yourself throughout your day to see where you fall on the vitality to survival spectrum.

The One with Boundaries

You deserve to have healthy boundaries. Chaz Franke discusses how to set boundaries for yourself in relationships and how to state your needs and feelings, even if they may disappoint others.

The One with Change

All change is loss. In this video, Chaz Franke discusses how change can cause an emotional response and how you can process those changes.

The One to Reconnect to Self

Toxic stress can lead to isolation. Some people choose coping behaviors to manage isolation that can be dangerous.  Chaz Franke discusses how to be aware when you feel isolated and how to reconnect to where you feel the most you.