Chestnut's Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews, approves and conducts periodic review of research involving human participants. Chestnut's IRB is required by federal regulations to review all research projects involving human participants in which (a) the conduct or recruitment of research participants involves Chestnut staff or patients; (b) the research is conducted by or under the direction of any Chestnut employee in connection with his/her institutional duties; (c) the research involves the use of Chestnut's patient information. Prior to the initiation of any research, it must first be reviewed and approved by Chestnut's IRB.

In accordance with Federal regulations, Chestnut’s IRB is composed of individuals with expertise, experience, and diversity in academic, research, and professional backgrounds. The IRB meets once per quarter.

New Projects

In order for a project to be considered by the IRB, the Chestnut IRB Application must be completed.

Survey and data collection instruments, related forms, and when applicable, an informed consent, should be submitted with the completed Chestnut IRB Application.

For questions about Chestnut's IRB or to submit your completed Chestnut IRB Application and project documents, please email Kelli Wright, Research Services Manager, at

Amendments to Already Approved Projects

If amendments or changes are necessary for an existing Chestnut IRB-approved project, please complete the Request to Amend Previously Approved Project form and edit the affected project documents in track changes. Send the completed form and edited documents to Kelli Wright, Research Services Manager, at

Reporting Adverse Events

All approved studies are to report unanticipated events to the IRB’s Human Protections Administrator within two (2) business days of PI notification. Unanticipated events are events that are not consistent with the foreseeable risk associated with research procedures or are not expected in the natural progression of any underlying condition of the sample. All deaths are considered unanticipated events. Reports should be made to the Human Protections Administrator by sending a copy of a completed Adverse Event Report. Adverse Event Reports for a DSMP or the Adverse Event Form Template may be used.