Adolescent alcohol or drug use is serious at any age. As a parent or guardian, knowing the right thing to do and finding help can feel overwhelming. Chestnut is here to help.

For more than 20 years, Chestnut has been providing a wide range of addiction treatment services for youth ages 13-18. Our licensed therapists, residential counselors, nurses, and recreational therapists are committed to helping adolescents learn to live sober lives. We believe that every young person has a chance for a better life without drugs or alcohol.

At Chestnut, we understand that substance use can interrupt emotional, social, and cognitive development. Our whole-person approach addresses each of these. Treatment reinforces positive family, social, educational, and vocational influences. Youth and family members work to improve communication, problem-solving skills, and anger management skills.

An assessment is the first step in determining whether a person needs treatment. Sometimes, a free, brief phone screening can determine whether a full assessment is needed. To learn more, call us at 888.924.3786.

Based on assessment results, we create a unique treatment plan. Length of treatment depends on the youth's progress towards goals.

Outpatient treatment is for youth who are struggling with an addiction and are ready to learn how to abstain from substance use, are motivated to change, and have a supportive home life.

Treatment is offered at Chestnut locations in Belleville, Bloomington, Maryville, and Peoria, Illinois. It involves up to six hours of individual or group counseling each week while youth live at home, attend school, and share a family life.

Counseling focuses on communication, decision-making skills, drug education, leisure education, life skills, stress management, self-esteem, and relapse prevention. Youth and their families are encouraged to attend family programs.

Intensive outpatient treatment is appropriate for youth who are experiencing significant substance use problems and are willing and ready to make thought and behavior changes.

Treatment is offered at Chestnut locations in Belleville, Bloomington, and Maryville, Illinois. It typically involves nine hours of individual or group counseling each week while youth live at home, attend school, and share a family life. 

The treatment focus is the same as for outpatient treatment.

Residential treatment, offered in Maryville, Illinois is for young people who need a structured and supportive environment to maintain recovery, require intensive services to prevent further damage to their physical and emotional health, and are unable to achieve sobriety as an outpatient.

Treatment happens in a gender-specific, structured environment. Daily counseling and activities focus on addiction and recovery, relapse prevention, life skills, communication, decision making, anger management 12-step/self-help, goals, and meditation. Residential adolescent treatment at Chestnut also offers school/GED classes, recreation, family counseling, psychiatric and medical consultations, catered meals, and after-care planning.

Adolescent treatment programs at Chestnut use the research-based Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA). Developed and tested by Chestnut's Lighthouse Institute. A-CRA guides age-appropriate behavioral treatment and has been proven effective in multiple research studies.

For Families

Chestnut strongly encourages families to participate in their loved one’s treatment. Substance use affects the entire family and may damage communication and trust. For an adolescent’s successful recovery, the family needs to understand addiction, learn the importance of family support, and make adjustments in their behavior. Family members also need support during their loved one’s treatment.  

Parents can access a research-supported online course on how to effectively interact with their children to change drug and alcohol behavior. It is available through collaboration with The Cadence Online Company, Treatment Research Institute, and Dr. Robert J. Meyers. Visit to learn more about ParentCRAFT and how parents can make a difference. (Use the code CHSPCT to receive a 20% discount.)

For more information about any of our adolescent services, please call us at 888.924.3786