Crisis Stabilization

Chestnut Health Systems provides 24-hour short-term supervised care for persons aged 18 years and older experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis that do not require hospitalization. The average length of stay is 14 days. Admission to our crisis unit is voluntary; we only accept those individuals who choose to come to the unit. The facility is not prepared to work with persons who may be actively suicidal or homicidal or who are experiencing serious medical problems or complications. The unit is staffed with nurses and behavioral health technicians and is not a hospital.

During their stay, clients spend time in groups that meet four or more times per day. The groups provide education on topics helpful to individuals in crisis and clients are expected to attend and to participate actively. Chestnut provides a safe environment that supports stability. 

Persons may refer themselves for crisis residential/stabilization services or may be referred by a hospital, police department, mental health agency, social service agency, or family member. 

Individual and Family Counseling 

Participation in one of our groups or workshops provides a safe and supportive place to discuss concerns and learn coping skills with others who may have similar challenges. Our trained Masters-level and licensed clinicians are available to assess your needs and provide therapy services for individuals of all and for families. 

Group counseling requires a clinician referral. Groups are clinician-facilitated and include six to ten members. Group counseling can help reach personal goals, make positive changes, and reduce feelings of alienation and loneliness.

Concerns addressed in counseling may include:

  • Stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Traumatic events
  • Grief and loss
  • Chronic pain
  • School or employment stresses
  • Life changes such as marriage, divorce, parenthood, adolescence, adulthood, retirement, moves
  • Family conflict or abuse
  • Parenting issues

Medically Monitored Detox

Clients experiencing withdrawal from alcohol or other mood-altering drugs meeting our admission criteria can safely be detoxified at our Crisis Residential Unit in Bloomington. Detox is overseen by physicians and advanced practice nurses. Nursing care is provided around the clock.

For Crisis Residential and Stabilization services in Madison and St. Clair Counties Illinois area, please call 618.877.4420 and ask for the Crisis Unit.

For Crisis Residential and Stabilization services in the McLean County, Illinois area, please call 309.827.6026 and ask for the Crisis Unit. 

Psychiatric Services

The Chestnut Health Systems team includes consulting psychiatrists who provide expert evaluation and medical management of mental health and substance abuse issues.

Psychiatric consultation happens within the context of a treatment program. The psychiatrist is a member of the treatment team; most counseling, therapy, and support is provided by trained therapists, social workers, nurses, and counselors.

Medication can be helpful in relieving symptoms including panic, confusion, obsession, tics, anger, depression, sadness, and hyperactivity. Medication may be prescribed as part of a treatment plan which typically also includes therapy, education, and community support.

Psychiatric services are available at our Belleville, Bloomington, and Granite City Illinois locations. For more information, please call 888.924.3786.

Programs in McLean County, Illinois

Children First

At Chestnut Health Systems, we understand that divorce can be difficult for both parents and their children. Children First helps divorcing or divorced parents to learn about and talk about the effects of divorce and changing family situations on children.

Children First believes that given information and guidance, parents will move beyond their differences to consider the best interest of their children. Children First classes are required by law and have been approved by the Eleventh Judicial Circuit as meeting the State's mandated parent education requirements.

The Children First parent education classes:

  • Help parents recognize the importance of their parent-child relationship and promote and encourage continued parenting of children even though their marital relationship is ending
  • Help parents anticipate future events (such as birthdays and holidays) and/or potential problem situations in their family both during and after their divorce
  • Help parents understand why sharing responsibilities for their children is an issue which must be anticipated and planned for
  • Help recognize and respond to the needs of their children while experiencing their own emotional turmoil

Safe Equal Caring Understanding Relationships (SECURE)

For women who have been or are currently in relationships that are threatening, controlling, or physically abusive. Helps women to make choices to have safe, mutually respectful, and violence-free relationships for themselves and their children.

Assists women in identifying:

  • Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship
  • Common patterns of negative behavior in unhealthy relationships
  • The effects that unhealthy relationships have on children
  • The resources available to women and children who wish to change their relationship
  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution skills

Invitation to Responsibility (ITR)

For men or women who have committed acts of domestic violence and abuse.

  • Focuses primarily on developing and maintaining relationships that are respectful and violence-free
  • Based on the idea that individuals are responsible for the consequences of their choices
  • Maintains that as a person learns to accept responsibility, their quality of life and satisfaction with relationships will improve
  • The men's program complies with the Illinois Protocol for Domestic Abuse Batterers Programs and is included in the lists provided by the Department of Human Services to the Illinois Courts and the State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor’s Office

Programs in Madison County and St. Clair County, Illinois

Chestnut Opportunities

The mission of Chestnut Opportunities is to facilitate the overall recovery process. This is accomplished by creating an environment where hope is evident, and success is celebrated. Opportunities' core principles and activities develop empowerment through active involvement in one's own rehabilitation goal setting.

These services support the belief that recovery is possible for everyone and is a process that is strengthened by five essential recovery values: hope, empowerment, health and wellness, respect, spirituality and connectedness.

Opportunities is based on the principles of individual choice and recovery and incorporates the active involvement of each individual in their own rehabilitation.

Skill Building

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Coping skills development
  • Recovery plan development
  • Identifying strengths and preferences
  • Health and wellness lifestyles
  • Building natural supports

Other Group Services

  • Community involvement: Helps individuals learn to use public transportation and access to community resources.
  • Recovery practice: Assists with the development of activities of daily living including cooking, cleaning, developing a routine, planning, and organization.
  • Cognitive remediation: Helps individuals improve memory, attention, and problem-solving.

Community Support

The primary goal of Community Support Services is to help persons who have mental illness in their efforts to increase independent functioning and quality of life by providing them with support, life skill development, access to local resources and treatment.

Most of our Community Support Services are provided in the community or in the person’s home. Each client is assigned a Community Support Specialist who helps with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Learning and performing activities of daily living (i.e. hygiene, money management, budgeting, laundry, grocery shopping)
  • Representative payeeship
  • Help finding housing or shelter
  • Support and advocacy
  • Help with Social Security and Medicaid
  • Family intervention
  • Education on psychiatric diagnosis and treatment options
  • Skill-building in natural settings
  • Medication monitoring
  • Training and linkage to other services like vocational, counseling, skill-building groups, and psychiatric services

Medication Plus

Chestnut Health Systems’ Medication Plus meets a growing need for persons who need medication for psychiatric concerns and who are on Medicaid.

Medication Plus is about efficiency and effectiveness – enabling adults ages 18 and older to receive multiple services in one visit, including a psychiatric evaluation; vital sign check; writing and filling prescriptions; help connecting to programs like public aid, food stamps, Social Security, transportation, and housing; and crisis intervention.

We see patients on Fridays at our Belleville and Granite City Illinois locations. 

New referrals are welcomed and Chestnut accepts new Medicaid clients. To make a referral, contact our Medication Plus Coordinator at 618.877.4420.

Senior Services Outreach

This program is available for any Madison County Illinois resident age 60 or older. A therapist, registered nurse, and case manager work together to provide mental health services - confidentially - in the privacy of the person's home.

Services include:

  • Help with independent living
  • Assessment for in-home supportive services
  • Supportive counseling to help with grief and loss, stress, depression
  • Connection to community resources
  • Help with medication issues and wellness needs

The Senior Services Outreach Program won the Deirdre Johnston Award for Excellence in Innovation for Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Services, which was presented by the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry in March of 2012.

Individual Placements and Support Vocational Program (IPS) for Potential Employees

IPS is based on the belief that every person with a severe mental illness is capable of working competitively in the community if the right kind of job and work environment can be found.

An employment specialist can:

  • Work closely with your treatment/support system
  • Provide assistance with seeing how work can impact your benefits
  • Explore different work environments
  • Identify your personal preferences with your work wants and needs
  • Begin a rapid job search
  • Identify job leads
  • Support you during the interview process
  • Support you once you get the job
  • Identify work-related challenges or conflicts on the job
  • Provide time-unlimited supports

IPS services are based in Madison and St. Clair Counties in Illinois.

To learn more, please call the Vocational Services Coordinator at 618.397.0900  

Individual Placements and Support Vocational Program (IPS) for Potential Employers

We can help you achieve diversity in hiring incentives. IPS supports new employee onboarding and provides ongoing support. 

Why choose us? When a person in IPS starts work, 72% of them stay successfully employed for at least 90 days or more. Workplace longevity for IPS participants equals or exceeds that of other employees.

What we can do for you:

  • Financial benefits - Chestnut job seekers qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program. Employers may receive a tax credit of up to $2,400.00 for hiring a qualified person under this program
  • Prescreening - We offer specific job matches between people and employers. A good job fit means less turnover which results in cost savings for you
  • Customized service - We take time to understand your company's unique work environment and match your needs with our referrals

IPS services are based in Madison and St. Clair Counties in Illinois.

To learn more, please call the Vocational Services Coordinator at 618.397.0900